Tenga Egg Masturbator, Spider


Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your Best Orgasm Ever!


These little beauties stretch to fit any size - simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations from the super-tactile ribbed sleeve.

TENGA Egg Clicker features a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs inside its stretchy sleeve and it delivers the ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm.

The sleeve has a rounded end with a continual pattern to completely cover the penis.

Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket, or hide them in an egg carton!

NB: Designed in Japan for single use. However, with careful use/cleaning and more lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again!

About Tenga Egg Masturbator, Spider


Enclosed within is a detailed web structure, covering the entire interior wall.


The mesh-like details spread throughout the interior, giving a clear stimulus with countless edges running vertically and horizontally.


This evenly detailed wall is embellished with grid-like edges that run in all directions for a vivid stimulation, providing extra adherence and 360 multi-directional sensations for your pleasure!


We recommend using Tenga Egg Lotion as it has been bespokely designed to enhance the feeling of pleasure with our products.


Product info

  • Super stretch material to fit various sizes;
  • Single-use;
  • Sample Lubricant Included.

More Info

(D × W × H mm): 49 × 49 × 61
Insertion Length Approx. (mm): Stretches to Approx. 190
Insertion Width Approx. (mm): Stretches to Approx. 55
Weight (g): 53

Casing: PP
Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Lotion Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben


Key Features:

Product Dimensions:

Circumference: stretches to 39.1cm/15.40in

Diameter: stretches to 12.5cm/4.90in

Insertable Length: stretches to 19.0cm/7.47in

Length: 6.4cm/2.50in

Weight: 0.20Kg

Pack Dimensions:

Pack Height: 6.4cm/2.50in

Pack Width: 4.90cm/1.91in

Pack Depth: 4.90cm/1.91in

Extra Details:

Colour: White

Flexibility: Stretchy

For Who: Penis Owners

Material: Silicone

Washing Instructions: Single Use

Waterproof: Waterproof


Tenga Egg Masturbator, Spider

  • 39.1cm / 15.4inches

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